Colleen & Bob Bronger Norfolk U.K 01603 757761

Colleen & Bob Bronger Norfolk U.K 01603 757761

We hope that you enjoy viewing our web site & that you find all the information that you may need to help you deciede if the Bulldog is the breed for you.

As a family we have loved, owned & shown Bulldogs for many years, our daughter Amelia also shares our interest and has her own page on this web site. Both Bob and (myself ) Colleen judge Bulldogs & we are all members of The London Bulldog Society and The Bulldog Club Incorperated of which Colleen is on the committee.

We moved from Kent to Norfolk in August 2006

We are a small kennels in Kent and have owned bulldogs for many years. Bob is on the committee of the London Bulldog Society and now judges the breed. We all enjoy showing our dogs. Amelia our daughter has done well with competing in junior handling at club shows, winning first place at The London Bulldog Society Limit Club Show - with `Amy` ( Amelia's first own bulldog ) Orphious Picture This and the Open Show with `Eve` Orphious Paint It Black For such a young age Amelia has a vast knowledge of the breed and takes great interest in all aspects, taking it all in her stride Myself - ( Colleen ) offer a stud handling service not only in Bulldogs but in other breeds too.

Dolly will be expecting her litter also at the end of March 05 For all enquiries on either of these litters please contact us telling us a little about yourselves and what you are looking for. If you have various questions then it would be better to phone as we prefer to speak to you in person. At the time of your visit when the pup's are approximately 2 and 5 weeks old we will at those visits require a deposit to secure a puppy. If you live a great distance away and are only able to make the one visit it is then that is fine, again a deposit will secure a puppy. We then regularly send you photo's for you to see how they progress.

We take great pride in breeding healthy, quality puppies and due to our showing commitment we annually have litters. All pup's are well socialized with children, as Amelia our daughter plays a big part in helping raise them. *All potential owners will need to be vetted to ensure the best for the pup.* For information on future litters or any other bulldog related questions feel free to give us a call or e-mail us.

With any puppy which we have available we provide ; A puppy pack / kennel club papers / pedigree / grooming and general care guide / supply of food / toy /and on going advice. Also all pup's will be wormed to insure that they leave for there new homes in the best condition ready to start their new lives ;-)

We take great pride in our breeding and ensure that all puppies which leave us for a new home have the following provided; kennel club papers, pedigree, vet health check, supply of food, toy, regulary treated for worms, care/feeding sheets and we go through all this and grooming before the puppy leaves us and we will of course answer any questions that you may have. Also we are here for a life times help and or advice should you need us. *All protentional owners will be vetted at the time of visiting our puppies.

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Bulldog – Is it the breed for you?

There are few other breeds across the world that can be recognized as easily by all people as the Bulldog is. With an adorable wrinkled face and loyal spirit, they are very popular choices in the US and many other places. Whether you look for a friendly dog for your family and children, or you want a pet with reasonable exercise requirements, these dogs are the perfect companions for you.

Although, he used to help his master guide cattle to the markets and take part in a bloody sport with bulls, today’s Bulldog does well in your apartment in the city center or in a countryside house. The main thing you should think about when you consider this breed is what you want from a canine companion. If you look for a dog that likes to play fetch, hunt games or do farm work, these partners are the right pick.

Bulldogs may be very affectionate and laid back. Their major enemy is warm weather, as they can overheat and die. In the summer it is essential for them to be kept in air-conditioning spaces. Usually they endure cold temperatures but in moderation. Do not waste your weekend days and go for walks with your dog so he can stay in a fit shape, but avoid too much exercise or it will cause him breathing difficulties.

In general, the Bulldog is stubborn, has a bold temperament and he evaluates your orders against his independent system of values. However, with some training and patience he can learn many things and be obedient if you consistently show him that you are confident. As these dogs have a natural instinct to protect themselves from strangers, be aware that you should provide them with many sociable experiences so they can learn to distinguish between good persons and bad.

Typically a gentle guy who loves kids, this type of dog is your everyday supply of amusement and joy. He likes car rides and tends to sleep with you in bed or on the couch during your special TV show. Due to his short hair coat he only needs brushing weekly. The cute wrinkles should be cared daily to make sure you prevent skin problems. When you take in consideration breeding, keep in mind that these dogs most often demand a C-section for the puppies’ delivery.

Bulldogs are rather a silent breed. They bark less than other dogs and only when it is necessary or there is someone at your door. This courageous pup is very alert even when he takes his nap. He can be a good watchdog and warn you if something is wrong on your property or some stranger breaks into your home. He likes to seek attention and feel as part of the family of which he is very protective.

There are some expenses you should take into account when it comes to the dog. You may have to pay big money on veterinary bills and checkups because he has some potential illnesses due to his anatomy, but it may not be the case. If you think bulldogs suit your lifestyle and you are ready for extra the maintenance they require, then pick your choice and welcome the unique pet!

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